Accordion flight case

Accordion flight case – Airplane transport 

Why using an accordion flight case? Most professional musicians ask themselves: how do I transport my instrument on an airplane without breaking before or after the flight? Most accordions are no cabin bags. Probably one can split the accordion using a rucksack.

The only really working solution is a case with enough foam. The oom pah bavarian band “Bergvagabunden” from Germany uses for their flights a Pelican case 1630, that works for accordions with 96 and 120 basses. This case is bulky luggage, but it is really worth the extra money. The accordionist is able to enjoy his flight, because he knows his instrument will work just fine after the flight. Love your instrument and buy one, too.

“Bergvagabunden” is a walkabout and function band specialized in corporate event entertainment in cities like

  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Munich
  • Dusseldorf
  • Amsterdam
  • Basel and many more

Our band is not connected or paid by any companies at all. We are finally happy with our flight case and want to share our experience with other musicians. This website offers information about the Pelican case 1630 used as an accordion flight case with a youtube video.

Video: Pelican case 1630 as accordion flight case