Gstaad – Bands and DJs for hire

For your event in Gstaad you can hire our band “Bergvagabunden” – we provide a mixture of live band and deejaying, suitable for people who appreciate a decent party. Bergvagabunden is one of the best bands in Switzerland when it comes to combining DJs and all kinds of live music. So let’s get in touch.

Gstaad - Bands and DJs for hire
Gstaad – Bands and DJs for hire | © iStock

The Allure of Organising a Gathering

Gstaad is a well-known luxury travel and events destination that offers a distinctive fusion of picturesque alpine landscapes, quaint villages, and a thriving cultural environment. Organising a gathering in Gstaad has various benefits:

1. Amazing Beauty of Nature: Gstaad is surrounded by lush meadows, verdant valleys, and snow-capped peaks in the gorgeous Saanenland region of the Swiss Alps. For any event, this breathtaking natural background creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

2. Exquisite and Friendly Ambience: Gstaad is renowned for its gracious hospitality and sophisticated atmosphere. The town’s array of opulent hotels, Michelin-starred eateries, and upscale shops will provide an elegant and welcoming setting for your event.

3. Adaptable Locations: Gstaad has a range of locations to suit all kinds and sizes of events. There is an ideal location for every event, ranging from opulent hotels and convention centres to classic chalet eateries and outdoor areas.

4. A Variety of Events and Outings: Gstaad offers your guests a plethora of extracurricular activities and excursions in addition to the event itself. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is skiing, hiking, golfing, or receiving wellness treatments.

5. Convenience and Accessibility: Gstaad has good transit connections to major cities and is easily reachable by car, train or private aircraft. Additionally, the town has a variety of lodging options to fit any budget.

Event Categories Fit for Gstaad

Due to its adaptability, Gstaad is the perfect venue for a variety of events, such as:

  • Corporate Meetings and Incentives: The peaceful surroundings and state-of-the-art amenities of Gstaad offer a favourable setting for successful business meetings and fulfilling incentives.
  • Celebrations and Marriages: The village is a great location for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions because of its charming ambiance and breathtaking surroundings.
  • Festivals and Cultural Events: All year long, Gstaad is the venue for a wide range of cultural activities, such as music festivals, art shows, and customary Swiss festivals.
  • Sporting Competitions and Events: Gstaad is the perfect location for golf tournaments, ski competitions, and other sporting events because of its top-notch sporting facilities and picturesque surroundings.
  • Yoga classes and wellness retreats: Gstaad is the ideal location for restorative wellness programmes and tranquil vacations because of its wealth of spa services.

Annual Event Organising

The four diverse seasons of Gstaad provide special occasion for events all year long.

1. Winter: Corporate retreats, holiday parties, and athletic competitions may all be held against the stunning backdrop of Gstaad’s top-notch ski resorts and snowy surroundings.

2. Springtime: The town’s meadows and emerging beauty make spring a lovely time for outdoor parties, conferences, and art displays.

3. Layout: The vibrant summer months in Gstaad are perfect for outdoor activities such as festivals and concerts because of the pleasant weather and beautiful surroundings.

4. Fall: Events like wine tastings, cultural festivals, and health retreats are set against a gorgeous backdrop created by the vivid colours of the autumn foliage and the fresh mountain air.


Usually around mid-October, Gstaad celebrates its own version of Oktoberfest. The event recreates the famed Munich Oktoberfest ambiance with traditional Bavarian food, loads of beer, and live music from oom pah bands. Our Oktoberfest band Bergvagabunden was the first to perform at Oktoberfest Gstaad. We took the stage twice for our traditional Bavarian folk music performances during the inaugural festival.

No matter when and where – when you need a DJ and/or you need a band – Bergvagabunden will be pleased to entertain your guests when you need bands and DJs in Gstaad.