Bavarian bands – booking in Germany

Bavarian Bands, in times of „modern music“ come more and more in fashion. Specially in countries like Germany, in the US. in Japan, Hong Kong, in the UK. and many more places in the world. Specially in times of overwork, daily stress, people feel like going “back to the roots.” Bavarian bands, like the “Bergvagabunden”  play simple and joyful music, that also goes under the name of “humpapa”.

Bavarian Bands booking in Germany

Bavarian bands, like the “Bergvagabunden” you can book as an Oktoberfest Band anywhere you are in Germany. This may be in Berlin, Hamburg, in Frankfurt or Stuttgart and of course, in Munich (München) or elsewhere in the country. As a professional Oktoberfest Band, traveling is part of their daily routine.

Bavarian bands for international concerts

Once, at a show in Vancouver (Canada) we followed a big poster, inviting to a show with lots of Bavarian bands. It said: “Everybody needs a little “Humpapa”. We expected folks of all nations, old aged, dressed in Bavarian clothes. To our surprise, we were completely wrong. As a Bavarian band for international corporate events, we always saw as our audiences, people that worked in the company that hired us. But at an event, where people could chose if they want to go there or not, we were completely surprised, what kind of a crowd we’d run into.

Bands from Bavaria for all generations

At this very concert in Vancouver we saw great audiences of all generations, countries and cultural backgrounds. Are there too many prejudices about Bavarian music, in terms of “humpapa” being played by mainly old men with funny outfits, performing for mainly older audiences? This question can clearly be answered with “yes” Once upon he time, say 30-40 ago, this really has been a fact. German people, who have migrated to other countries, brought their culture as well.

Bavarian bands thru out the world

So it happened, that you could find a German Club somewhere in the middle of Hong Kong, Singapore, in Japan or Paris. And of course, there was Bavarian music, performed by Bavarian bands that they brought along. Those folks and generations, are long history. What remained though, was the Bavarian Music, now being performed by young Bavarian bands. New generations that perform and carry on something, one could call an old, historical treasure. The culture of old Bavarian music.

The Original Bavarian band

Of course, even in China, Egypt or Singapore, you will find Bavarian bands, played by locals. Somehow however, it always has the touch of a gimmick, to have a Bavarian band, that does not look Bavarian. Of course, anyone can always play Bavarian music, but if it does not look real, something will always be missing. The real thing though, no doubt about it, always is a real German band from Bavaria. It’s just, because it is authentic.

Bavaria is everywhere

The original Bavarian Band, “Bergvagabunden” will come to, wherever you are and what ever your event may be. If you want a real Bavarian Band for Corporate events, for your private garden party, the party on a yacht or for a birthday, a corporate Event or wedding – give us a call. We come. No mater to which country or location. Where we are, is Bavaria. Bavaria is everywhere.

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Bavarian Bands booking

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