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Bavarian music for hire

Bavarian music is well known and loved all over the world – not only in Germany. Musicians from Bavaria bring you the warm sound of an accordion, combined with the sharp bass notes played on the baritone horn, and add some yodeling – and there it is: the unique music that makes you want to quench your thirst with a beer immediately. Whether it is a polka (oom pa music) or a waltz – grab your lederhosen or your dirndl and join the band!

Typical instruments

  • accordion
  • baritone horn (euphonium)
  • string instruments (guitar, upright bass, harp, cither)
  • brass instruments (trumpet, clarinet, horn, tuba)

Most Bavarians love music from Upper Carniola; songs like “Trompetenecho” are often part of the Bavarian repertoire. Categorys for Bavarian bands are e.g., Tanzlmusi, reception band, Stubenmusi, Oktoberfest band, etc.

Local musicians play Bavarian music in Berlin – Frankfurt – Munich

Bavarian music comes from Bavaria (Germany’s south-east) and therefore is often played by local musicians in Munich, the Bavarian capital. But people love to listen to songs like “Auf der Vogelwiese” all over Germany, not only in Munich (find out more about corporate event entertainment in Munich). And visitors from other countries are delighted when they attend an event in Frankfurt or Berlin where they find a Bavarian band.

Main elements of the tradition and culture of southern Germany and western Austria are

  • music
  • dances
  • clothes
  • drinks
  • food.

Another term is “Volksmusik” which means people’s music. Modern Volksmusik combines traditional sounds and sometimes even yodeling with a contemporary beat, just like in the song “Sunny Yodel“.

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Bavarian musicians Bavarian musicians for hire in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich |

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