garden party

Garden party in Munich

1. What you provide: sunshine, lovely guests, great food, cold drinks.
2. What we provide: perfect music for your garden party in Munich.


We are the Bavarian band “Bergvagabunden” from Munich. We are (much more than a) typical oom pah band in lederhosen or a traditional Bavarian brass band in Munich e.g. for a rooftop party. But we also play the latest tunes from the charts. You need walkabout musicians playing unplugged and mobile, maybe even just one accordion player? You don’t like traditional music at all and prefer a DJ who plays lounge music? Maybe in combination with show acts like a female sax player or a female singer? 

Music for your next garden party

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we always work very hard on making everything possible, no matter what budget you have or how relaxed your neighbors are.

Bergvagabunden: live music entertainment for your garden party in Munich

Tips and ideas

1. protect yourself from insects: Mosquito nets, mosquito spray and covered food keep away uninvited visitors.
2. sit comfortably: get matching cushions for benches and chairs. If your guests are sitting on the lawn, add cushions to the blankets.
3. choose a theme: from beach party to tropical night or Bavarian evening, anything that is fun is allowed.
4. summers are getting hotter: in addition to beer, sparkling wine and cocktails, have plenty of cool mineral water ready – with a little lemon juice if you like.
5. sun protection: put a small tent in your garden or stretch out a sun sail. Have straw hats and suntan lotion ready.