German yodelling

German yodelling is an art – and a rapture of your throat as well.

Famous yodel songs

Famous German yodel songs are not only known in the mountains, but as well in every major city like Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. Every oom pah band knows to play and yodel songs like

  • Kufstein Lied (famous Tyrolian song made popular by Franzl Lang)
  • Heidi (from the children’s book and cartoon, the story takes place in Switzerland)
  • Sonnenjodler (Sunny Yodel, a yodel song written by the Bergvagabunden)

Kufstein Lied


Sunny Yodel

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Yodeling in Germany for hire from Berlin to Munich

Yodeling in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is still a popular way to sing, not only among singers and musicians working for tourists. You can hire the oktoberfest band Bergvagabunden as an entertainment show act for our events in Germany and all over the world. Especially in Munich clients from all over the world love to hear when the local musicians start to yodel at one of the event venues in Munich. Contact Bergvagabunden if you need yodeling at your corporate event or during your river cruise.