Native German speakers USA for movie, tv & radio

German is a language spoken often in productions for cinemas, tv, or streaming platforms. Have you seen the latest movie with Tom Hanks, when Johanna Leonberger meets her German relatives? Well, they spoke in a weird language. It may sound German to an American audience – but it surely was not. Obviously, the actors were no native German speakers.

Hire German actors or German voice overs

So I wondered: why don’t they hire German actors or German voice overs for this film? It is so easy nowadays. Either you hire actors from German and let them come over for your production. Or you send parts of your movie to speakers in Germany and let them synchronize it with a proper voice-over.

My name is Elmar, I live in Germany, and I know people. Send me an email or give me a call, let me know what you need and I will solve your problem.

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