Bavarian oom pa (oompah) band from Munich Germany for hire world wide

oom pa band
photo: oom pa band in Germany (©

Oom pa band in Germany

Welcome to the german oom pa band “Bergvagabunden” from Munich / Bavaria. If you need real typical old fashioned bavarian live music entertainment in Germany – here we are! Good clean oom pa entertainment you can trust. It only takes an accordion player and a baritone (small tuba) player to create this unique bavarian and tyrolian polka sound, but if you can afford it you should as well book the band’s trumpet player and it’s female vocalist. The Bergvagabunden play famous oktoberfest polkas and waltzes, combined with German folk sing a longs and international hits played in an oom pa way (the “oom pop”).

Video: Bavarian oompah band in Munich

Oom pah, um pa pa and umpapa musicians

There are different ways to spell the sound you need for german themed events like beer fest, oktoberfest, mai fest, eg oom pah, um-pa-pa and umpapa. From Berlin to Munich, from Stuttgart to Hamburg – the Bergvagabunden belong to the hardest working musicians in Germany and Austria. The Bergvagabunden are happy to receive your enquiry for an  oom pa band in Germany or elsewhere in Europe …

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oompah band
Photo: Oompah band (©

Top 10 oom pa songs

Would you know the most popular german – bavarian – tyrolian oom pa songs? Here is the Bergvagabunden’s favorite polka playlist!

    1. Beer Barrel Polka (Rosamunde)
    2. Trompetenecho
    3. Aus Boehmen kommt die Musik
    4. Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch
    5. Auf der Autobahn
    6. Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann
    7. Dance little bird (Ententanz / chicken dance)
    8. Boehmischer Traum
    9. Auf der Vogelwiese
    10. Sonnenjodler (sunny yodel)

“Bergvagabunden” is more than an oktoberfest band, it is a network and an agency, providing (corporate) entertainment in lederhosen all over the world. Name the kind of event you are about to plan, name the time and the place (e.g. Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai etc.) and “Bergvagabunden” will work something out for you!

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