River cruise in Germany

River cruise in Germany 2022

You might wonder which is the best river cruise in Germany in 2022. It is impossible to name the most beautiful route for a river cruise in Germany. This also has to do with wich  destination you choose. And how long the cruise may last. Is it a family cruise during holidays like christmas? A short trip for two or three days? Or perhaps a honeymoon?

Are river cruises in Europe operating?

Due to Covid people ask are river cruises in Europe operating? In Germany, almost everything is possible again if you are vaccinated and tested. Of course, there are no big events at the moment, where a lot of people are very close to each other. But restaurants and museums are open and looking forward to visitors from the USA.

European Destinations

From Germany you can travel to European countries like Austria, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Cities like Amsterdam, Bonn, Budapest, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Mainz, Nuremberg, Paris, Trier, Vienna and many more wait for you …


There is much to discover in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The beautiful landscape, green hills, mountains, vast forests. And villages and towns like from another time, with historic castles and palaces, Christmas markets like in a fairy tale, cathedrals and romantic churches. Enjoy a typical wine tasting!

The Danube, the Rhine and other German rivers

You might go to the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the North Sea. The main rivers are

  • Elbe
  • Danube
  • Main
  • Moselle
  • Rhine

The Rhine is the most important and popular german river, being the longest river in Germany and the busiest waterway in Europe.

Up to the mouth into the North Sea, the Rhine is about 1,239 km long (of which 865 km in Germany), riparian states are Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The catchment area of the Rhine is 185,000 km2, of which 28,000 km2 are in Switzerland and 106,000 km2 in Germany. The Rhine originates in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Graubünden from the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein rivers.

Danube: The navigation route from Kelheim via the Danube Delta to the Black Sea is 2,412 km long. The catchment area of the Danube is 817 000 km2. In addition to the ten riparian countries (Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine), Switzerland (upper Inn region) and, to a lesser extent, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Moldova and Albania also share its catchment area.

The Danube originates in the southern Black Forest with the headwaters Breg (48 km long; source at 1,078 m above sea level near Furtwangen is considered the actual source of the Danube) and Brigach (43 km long: source near Sankt Georgen in the Black Forest), which join at Donaueschingen at 680 m above sea level. In the breakthrough valley through the Swabian Alb it loses water by seepage in fissured limestone to the Radolfzeller Aach and thus to the Rhine. From Sigmaringen onwards it flows between the Alpine foothills, the Swabian and Franconian Alb and the Bavarian Forest.


Many companies own vessels that cruise around European rivers. You might visit the websites of

River cruise entertainment - bands and musicians

River cruise entertainment – bands and musicians

Look forward to your cruise along German rivers. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, impressive buildings and traditional food as well as German culture. Authentic musicians and bands will come to you on your ship. With typical musical instruments like accordion, baritone or tuba, German musicians will bring you an unforgettable entertainment.

Book individual Bavarian musicians, singers and bands for your cruise on the Rhine, the Danube, or one of the other beautiful German rivers. Traditional German folk music with its yodeling played by the oom pah band Bergvagabunden will bring joy to everybody at your event.

Please contact Bergvagabunden if you want to know more about entertainment artists like bands and musicians for your Danube or Rhine river cruise.

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