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Rooftop party 2024 in Berlin or Munich

A rooftop party: there is no better way to celebrate your stay in Berlin or Munich in 2024. Imagine a warm summer night and a magnificent view of the city. Your clients enjoy the unique atmosphere combined with cold drinks and good music. You can go in any direction: make your corporate event formal with a fancy dinner and a classy dress code. Or keep it cool with a casual dress code and a flying dinner. No matter if you serve cocktails or beer in bottles, people will love you when you organize a rooftop party.

Enjoy the music: rooftop party band in Berlin

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It is all about the music. When the band sucks, the event sucks too. Plain and simple. So choose your rooftop party band with corporate event entertainment in Berlin wisely. Everything is possible: a one-man band that plays unplugged and mobile, a five-piece band including a pretty German female singer, traditional German music as well as new lounge music as well as international party music.

Hire bands, DJs, musicians

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Cooperate entertainers for hire in Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf: authentic Bavarian musicians or a DJ with percussion and show acts like a female sax player or a black female singer. If you don’t want your musicians to play without a sound system with a moderate volume, we provide professional equipment both sound and light. And bands do know bands – one will always be available.

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In Berlin, there are various entertainers from walk acts (that play unplugged and mobile) to DJs with small sound systems and show acts like female sax players – let’s talk about your plans.

Prices always depend on the date, the number of musicians and which musicians will come to you – impossible to name a price range without knowing more about your plans. So let us know them!

For an average rooftop party, small will be best – no stages and extensive equipment! A remote sound system with just a handful of musicians and singers should do the magic. Sometimes, it is best to leave the amps and speakers in the car and play unplugged without amplification.

In that case, will not be able to help you. Of course there might be cheap DJs in Frankfurt that do a great job. But as an agency, we always work with professional DJs, who live on being a DJ. Those DJs will guaranty you that you will not regret that you hired them. And remember: when the music sucks the whole party sucks.

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