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You will come to Germany and want to book & hire a German walkabout band? First of all, congratulations, because you found one of the most renown walkabout bands, Germany has to offer. One of the very best Oktoberfest bands from Bavaria, will come to where ever your corporate event or your party event in Germany may be. The oompah band will travel to you in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf.

walkabout bands Germany
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Bavarian strolling band

Bavarian Strolling Band: Whatever the theme of your corporate event in Germany may be. If you think, to have an Oktoberfest band entertain your guests, great. The band be there. In case it doesn’t quite fit, because the audience may look too casual, such as the location, you can make it fit. Gladly we help out with some ideas out of many years of experience as a walkabout band in Germany.

Why roaming bands?

The history of Bavarian bands actually is, that they would gather on the villages market place to start to play – yet later, to walk about the streets of the village or town. The audience would gather in Bavarian dresses alongside the road to enjoy the Bavarian roaming band. That is the history. Actually in most Bavarian places it is still like that, for – specially in Bavarian country sites, old traditions are still being kept alive until this very day. The only big difference is, that Bavarian marching bands these days would also play some modern tunes which fit just as well to their instruments and style. Have a look at the video.

Private party & event in Munich or Berlin

In case you are planing a private party or event of any kind, such as a wedding, birthday party, gala dinner or any other kind of event, the Bavarian band will gladly perform for you. Bavarian bands, such as the Bergvagabunden, do play traditional Bavarian music, yet, they also have a modern music repertoire. Basically, they play anything you wish. As well as the will lean just about any song you want them to. Just give enough time to prepare for it. And they play, where ever you want them to come to. In Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or in Berlin – you name it.

When and how to book

For the season 2024 it’s convenient to book the band as one of the very first things during your planing. There are not too many walkabout bands with his kind of professional quality for bookings in Germany.  So if you don’t want to end up with a second choice walkabout band, it’s convenient to call as soon as possible or simply use the contact form.

Want to know more? Visit the site corporate entertainment agency Germany and find out more about your hire options for Bavarian music in Munich or Frankfurt and Berlin – as well as an oktoberfest band.

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Walkabout bands Germany