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Corporate events in Germany

Corporate events in Germany are rarely the main business of companies. Most companies produce, trade or are service providers. At the same time, there is hardly a company that does without events. Whether directly or indirectly, corporate events are an important component of economic success. Companies and organisations from all over the world take part in events in Germany every year or organise an event in Germany themselves.


Many objectives can be achieved with a corporate event. Firstly, brand awareness is increased. Secondly, the bond with existing customers, partners, suppliers or employees is strengthened. Thirdly, a product or service is introduced or presented.

Types of event

There are countless types and formats of events.

  1. Almost all companies have exhibited at a trade fair. Small parties are organised at the trade fair stand in the evening or outside. Customers and partners are invited to a restaurant for a meal with music and dancing.
  2. Very often, parties are also organised for employees or suppliers and customers in the company itself or at the company location. This could be a Christmas party, an October party or a summer party – there are many options.
  3. Internal events such as incentives or training courses often end with a dinner with music and a party. Special activities, such as a raft trip, are also often organised as part of such small events.


Professional event management is the basis for organising a company event. In addition to budgeting, the choice of date and venue is the first prerequisite. The target group (participants) and their number must then be defined. Service providers for event technology, food and drink and entertainment must then be selected.


Once the event has taken place, the costs, the satisfaction of the participants and the achievement of the objectives should be reviewed. The results of the evaluation can be an important basis for planning the next event.

Munich, Berlin, Hanover or Dusseldorf?

It is not possible to determine the annual number of corporate events in Germany – there are certainly several thousand. Many events, celebrations and parties take place in cities with a trade fair, above all Hanover, Cologne, Düsseldorf (where you can hire Japanese folk dancers, musicians and drummers) and Munich. Berlin (the capital of Germany) and Frankfurt (Germany’s largest international airport) also organise a lot of events.

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