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Oktoberfest band from Germany for hire
Oktoberfest band from Germany for hire | © bergvagabunden.com

Oktoberfest band in Germany for hire

Welcome to the oktoberfest band “Bergvagabunden” here on www.bergvagabunden.com – your bavarian oom pah function band in Germany to hire for a german beerfest or other bavarian themed entertainment events in Berlin, Munich, Dublin, London, Amsterdam or Brussels. Looking for a german bierfest band for your Oktoberfest in Bavaria Germany or some where else in Europe, Arabia or Asia? These bierfest musicians of the live band “Bergvagabunden” (named after the typical bavarian yodel song) are ready to entertain your events in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong as well as your beer fest in India or Dubai.

Typical beerfest band from Germany

The band “Bergvagabunden” is a hard working and typical beerfest band from Bavaria, delivering cliché entertainment with a lot of fun and the most typical bavarian music. Send your inquiry if you need bavarian musicians for a beerfest or beer festival in India or if you need a german bierfest band for an Oktoberfest in China. Looking for bierfest bands that play as well in Qatar? The Bergvagabunden will make your guests and clients dance and sing bavarian songs e.g. at events like a bierfest or october fest in Shanghai or Beijing.

Using typical instruments like accordion, trumpet or baritone and wearing leather pants (german Lederhosen) you will have the most traditional bierfest music. Yodel & waltz combined with a lot of oom pah – that’s how oktoberfest bands like the “Bergvagabunden” know to convince thirsty party people all over the world – wether it is a Oktoberfest in Munich Germany or else where in Europe, Arabia or Asia.

Book this Oktoberfest band as a beerfest band in Qatar, as a bavarian band in Dubai, or as beer fest musicians in India. Order your bretzels, enjoy yourself wearing lederhosen or a dirndl, get a refill for your stein and sing with your favorite Bavarian band “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”. Since Tesla announced to produce in Grunheide you can book Bergvagabunden there as well …

Looking for a brass band for your event in Germany?

The brass band “Bergvagabunden” plays typical and traditional music for your German beerfest and oktoberfest in Germany. Send your inquiry for venues in

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Dusseldorf
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Stuttgart
  • Munich.

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