Musicians, singers and bands for the Christmas Market

You can book various musicians, singers and bands for your visit to the Christmas Market. Whether classical music, choir or mobile musicians: with the most popular Christmas songs you round off the experience at the Christmas market.

Background knowledge

Christmas, Latin Nativitatis Domini, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and one of the main festivals in the church year. Since the 4th century (first celebrated in Rome in 336), Christmas has been celebrated on 25 December. Since the 5th century, Christmas has been associated with a time of preparation: Advent.

The church custom, and since the 19th century also the private custom, still includes the setting up of a nativity scene. In the 18th/19th century, writing Christmas cards became common; specially produced cards with colourful Christmas motifs have been documented – starting in England – since around 1840.


The domestic Christmas celebration with the giving of presents to the children developed in the 16th century in the social upper classes of Protestant areas, because the “Christ Child” was supposed to give the people presents, not a saint like St. Nicholas of Myra on 6 December. In Catholic areas, however, St. Nicholas remained the bearer of gifts for children for a long time.

Father Christmas

In the countryside, the gift-giving Christmas celebration only became established around 1900 with the adoption of bourgeois customs. The gift-bringer became the now secular Father Christmas. The economic boom of the second half of the 20th century led to a strong expansion of gift-giving practices in Germany. Since the 1980s, Christmas has become one of the most important economic factors in this context.

Christmas markets in Munich and Berlin

These are held during Advent and Christmas with stalls and stands selling gift items, sweets and the like. Christmas markets, which evolved from ordinary weekly markets for church festivals, became common as early as the 14th century: there is evidence of them in Munich in 1310, in Dresden in the 15th century (“Striezelmarkt”, held for several days since 1708), and in Nuremberg in the mid-16th century (“Christkindlesmarkt”, originating around 1640-50).

In the 18th century, the Christmas market became very popular in Berlin. Initially offering all kinds of utilitarian items, it was not until the 18th century that these markets began to offer Christmas items: Toys, arts and crafts, treats.

Are you planning to visit a Christmas market privately or with your employees (as part of a Christmas party) and would like to book musicians, singers and bands for the Christmas market?

Christmas market
Christmas markets in Germany

Arrange performers

Visiting a Christmas market in a group is not typically an issue. However, the specifics may depend on the size of the group and the particular market you’re planning to visit. For large groups, it might be a good idea to inform the market organizers in advance or work with a local tour operator to ensure the visit runs smoothly. You might also want to check if there are any group discounts or special packages available.

Hiring bands, musicians, or entertainers for your visit needs preperation. Christmas markets in Germany are usually public events with their own pre-arranged entertainment schedule, including bands and performers that play traditional and holiday music. Before you bring your own hired entertainers to perform at the market itself please talk to the people responsable for the market first.

In any case you could arrange for performers to entertain your group outside the market environment. For instance, you might hire a band or entertainers for a private event at your hotel or a rented venue. You could have a private festive gathering before or after visiting the Christmas market. You might want to check with the specific Christmas market organizers or local tourism authorities for more information.

Christmas artists booking

Singers and musicians and other Christmas artists will be wearing Christmas related costumes or hats. They will perform popular German and English Christmas songs like Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht (silent night). Contact us if you want to book entertainers for your visit – we hope to see you in Germany and have a beautiful time together.

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