Oktoberfest music
Oktoberfest music

Oktoberfest music

Anyone who has ever visited the Oktoberfest in Munich knows it very well: Oktoberfest music is very diverse. In only one tent (Oide Wiesn) is exclusively traditional Bavarian brass band music and folk music played. In all the other tents, the mix is very varied. Not only is typical music from Bavaria, Tyrol and Upper Carniola played, but popular German pop music (called Schlager) from many decades is also part of the Oktoberfest music. And so that the many international guests can sing along just as well as the Germans, many international hits (especially in English) are also played by the bands.

Classic Oktoberfest songs

It is impossible to write down all the typical and classic Oktoberfest songs in one list. Here is a small selection that almost every Oktoberfest band has in its repertoire.

  • Wahnsinn (Hölle)
  • Fürstenfeld
  • Seven Nation Army
  • Cowboy und Indianer
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Hände zum Himmel
  • Sunny Yodel
  • Take me home country roads
  • Sierra Madre
  • Hey baby
  • Fliegerlied
  • Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit

Booking for your event

Would you also like to book Oktoberfest music for your event? It is not only possible to book or hire a band with Oktoberfest music in Munich. Our band “Bergvagabunden” also comes to you – no matter where you are. Send us an e-mail and maybe we’ll get to know each other soon.