Band for your Mayfest

The German band “Bergvagabunden” would love to play at your Mayfest in America, Arabia or Asia. Wether it is a private or a public event, the Bergvagabunden will entertain the guests / visitors. They will combine traditional music from Germany and Austria with international party songs, to give your event the typical Mayfest vibe. Raise your beers, sing along and celebrate spring!

Mayfest band
Maifest band “Bergvagabunden”

May fest with live music

Oom pa (german polka) plus Bavarian waltzes are combined with party classics mostly from the UK and USA. If you are looking for a May fest band playing live music, the Bergvagabunden from Germany will be a good choice. The guys wear typical bavarian clothes and perform real german entertainment because they are as well an oktoberfest band. Let’s get the party started! Do not hesitate to send your enquiry, and celebrate one of the oldest german heritage festivals.

Maibaum (maypole)
Maibaum (maypole) | © iStock

Your Maifest artists

Entertainment Maifest artists for a german or austrian themed party: the Bergvagabunden travel from Germany all around the world. They need business class flights, transportation, vegan food (pretzels included), single rooms (*****), sound & light, beer & coffee. Payment will be in advance. Contact your german Maifest band by email, phone, FaceTime, iMessage or Signal.

Book live music from Germany. The music of the Bergvagabunden is authentic, traditional and cheerful. That’s why the Bergvagabunden are a very popular band for a May fest all over the world.