German band for your oktoberfest in Amsterdam

The German band “Bergvagabunden” can easily be booked as a band for an oktoberfest in Amsterdam, playing typical oktoberfest live music made famous by the original beerfest in Munich / Germany. Just send your enquiry … Funny: the guys speak dutch and could add some dutch songs to their playlist!

Oktoberfest band in Amsterdam Netherlands
Oktoberfest band in Amsterdam Netherlands | © iStock FooToo

Oktoberfest in the Netherlands – Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the most popular folk festival in the world. That is why more and more Oktoberfests are being organised in the Netherlands. Especially in the large trade fair cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague, visitors are delighted to see musicians from Germany with their typical clothing and instruments.

Things to know about Amsterdam

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands (seat of government is The Hague), in the province of North Holland, situated on the Amstel and (connected by two underwater tunnels) on the south and north banks of the IJ, population (2022) 904 700 (with outlying municipalities over 1.1 million).

Amsterdam is an important trading city. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange (founded in 1611) is one of the most important in the world.

The seaport and inland port, with (2016) 96.0 million tonnes handled, is the second largest in the country after Rotterdam (including Europoort) and ranks fifth in Europe; it is connected to the sea by the North Sea Canal and to the hinterland by the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

Air traffic is handled by the major international airport Schiphol; it is the third largest in Europe. More important today than the import and processing of tropical raw materials (tobacco, coffee, cocoa, cinchona bark, woods, rice, rubber, spices) and bulk goods (petroleum, grain, coal) are communications technology and printing (Amsterdam is the centre of book and newspaper publishing in the Netherlands), shipbuilding and vehicle construction, mechanical engineering as well as metal goods, paper, food, electronic, chemical and clothing industries.

Amsterdam | ©

Besides Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam is the headquarters of the diamond-cutting industry. With about 18 million domestic and foreign visitors annually, tourism plays an important role in Amsterdam. 14 tram and 5 metro lines serve inner-city transport.