The Worst 7 Things That Could Happen To You At Oktoberfest

Every year, millions of individuals clad in H-shapes suspenders and tight-fitted bodices visit Munich, Bavaria Germany, for the beer festival known as Wiesn or Oktoberfest. Are you planning to attend your first Oktoberfest Munich? Well, it is one of the world’s best parties that begin in September.

However, there are lots of misconceptions about Wiesn as well as boatloads of mistakes, which first-timers may make and end up not enjoying the 17 days of fun. Put simply, a lot is accepted and tolerated though not all is good and desired. Here are the worst things that could happen to you at the world’s largest beer-drinking debauchery.

Oktoberfest visitors
The Worst 7 Things That Could Happen To You At Oktoberfest

1. You might not handle your beer

In general, the German beer is very strong and during this traditional German bash, the beer served is stronger. Once you walk into a tent, you have to drink beer. You will not be able to nurse your beer because the wenches will hand you more drinks even before you finish with the one in your hand. If the people in your table are drinking very fast, then you are expected to keep up; beer comes in rounds for each one at the table.

Oktoberfest Munich is all about beer-drinking and there no diverse menu of cocktails and wines. Non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks are on par in price. In case you underestimate your drinking limit, you are in for the worst and rude awakening.

If you do not plan on beer-drinking, do not enter a tent because you will be kicked out. You can simply roam around the grounds taking your favorite alcohol at your own pace. You are only allowed to bring your own beer into the grounds and not at the tent. Typically, the drinks and foods in the tents are more expensive, but it’s fun to try out the Oktoberfest menu; they look unreal.

2. You might walk into the wrong tent

The truth is that each tent has its own character, décor, vibe, reputation, and different beer. You can choose a tent based on the beer or the atmosphere. The most well-known tent is Hofbrau and you might be super delighted to visit it. Hofbrau tent is usually packed with tourists and is known to be notorious. For this reason, locals tend to keep off in spite of it being the most popular abroad. Therefore, do a bit of research beforehand or chat with a few locals to get to know what tent would best suit you. They are 14 tents in total and you probably will not try all of them.

Additionally, most people book tables in advance. If you have not previously been to the festival, you may find trouble getting a reservation. This means that you might become part of the many stampedes of individual who rush and run to get a table when the tents are open; they regularly close them to avoid overcrowding. So, a table is in demand.

Once you find a seat, you should not keep it free for your friends. The service stewards and personnel will give free seats to the waiting patrons.

3. When you have no cash and coins for tipping

Cards are a no go at the event. The lineups are extremely horrendous and when you use the cash machines on sites, you be ready to get charged extra euros. Bring as much cash as you are willing to spend.

Tipping is not a MUST, but it’s worth it for the beer wench to pay more attention to you and offer you speedy service. What most people do is to give a huge tip while starting to ensure that the wench comes back to their table more frequently.

4. You might get infected with Wiesn Flu

You will come into contact with millions of people plus share drinks, foods, and occasional kisses. Getting sick is almost inevitable because of the gross breeding for germs. To be vigilant, take vitamins.

Oktoberfest sorta might also coincide with the flu season. Take care of yourself, a bad cold or flu can get in the way of your fun days.

5. When you dress up in regular clothes

Both visitors and locals dress up in beautiful traditional attire for the festival. You will definitely feel out of place in case you dress up in regular clothes. In Wiesn, lederhosen (for boys) and Dirndls (for girls) are the fashion statement. Even children rock with the frocks as well.

Furthermore, you will need some cute photos that will remind you of the big festival. Do whatever thing to get yourself a traditional garment, It is fun, it is relatively inexpensive.

6. You will queue to pee

Expect to make long queues every time you want to use the bathroom. Peeing will be inevitable now that everyone is chugging mass amounts of alcohol. There is nothing worse than having the feeling to free your bladder, dash to WCs, and find a lineup. Prepare to dance ‘I’m-about-to-wet-myself’ with a bunch of people who poorly time bodily functions.

At some point, some people are discouraged by the long lineups and may get tempted to urinate in public, mostly behind tents. If caught, you will pay a huge fine.

7. When you pack heavy

Big backpackers, over 3L, are usually not allowed at the festival. Pack light to avoid losing your valuables. Gents put phones and cash in their lederhosen pockets whilst ladies put their cash and phones in a small purse.

You will have alcohol spilled on you and you will spill alcohol on someone while dancing, singing together with the Oktoberfest bands, and having fun with German folk music. The tables will be in a mess and you will end up regretting if you carry your valuable items.


Hopefully, you are ready to tackle the craziness and fun at the Oktoberfest Munich. Simply party safe keeping in mind that the security is super tight: Be on your best behavior, expect lineups everywhere, bring a jacket or sweater, wear very comfy shoes, and know your beer drinking limits.

Don’t expect the event to cater to you. You might drink a little too much, lose your friends, and even spend more than you intended, but you will have a great time. Those who come in with a great and easygoing attitude are well equipped to have a blast.

Lastly, memorize some popular local songs such as Robbie Williams song, Sweet Caroline & Angels. They will be playing repeating the songs every few minutes. The Oktoberfest bands will be there as well. Simply sing along, make friends, cheers, and sip your beer.