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How to make the best out of your next reception? Surely you want to make people feel welcome and honoured, but you might want them to have a good time as well, so they will relax and enjoy this moment. Therefore you need a pleasant atmosphere, with refreshing drinks and maybe some delicious finger food. Most surely it would be best if you had a professional reception band, with musicians who know how to play background music that brings some fun without disturbing communication.

As background music, your clients might expect either lounge and chill-out music or some jazzy or even classical sounds. Or they might appreciate traditional german-bavarian music (waltzes and oom-pah) or international pop music played in oom-pah style (the so-called oom-pop). Whether you like it traditional or contemporary, the bavarian band “Bergvagabunden®” is used to welcome people from all over the world with their live music during receptions in cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and of course Berlin.

Available in Munich Stuttgart Frankfurt Dusseldorf Berlin

There are international receptions at corporate events all over the country. Mostly they take place in cities where is either a fair or a big company. Apart from the German capital Berlin, you might find yourself in Stuttgart (with companies like Daimler/Mercedes, Bosch or Allianz), in Dusseldorf (Rheinmetall, Vodafone), in Frankfurt (Fraport, Bilfinger, Deutsche Bahn) or in Munich (BMW, Siemens).

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